ReverseTap Launch RC Show 2018

ReverseTap launches in Canada hitting the RC Show by storm!

ReverseTap made a huge splash at the 2018 Restaurant Canada Show in Toronto recently. ReverseTap Partnered with Lake Of Bays Brewery to offer samples to thousands of attendees. The response was overwhelming with each pour becoming its own show.

Inbecon recently brought ReverseTap (originally from Korea) to North America, launching in early 2018. The dispensing system completely changes how beer is poured, saving money, time and most importantly (to some) beer! With state of the art technology, beer is poured through the bottom of specialized glasses through digital dispensers. Each pour and head is perfect every time, dispensed in seconds without spill or waste of product.

In an industry where time and money is key with small profit margins, ReverseTap solves many issues in one solution. Where ReverseTap seals the deal is with its service. “From keg to cup” is the mission statement and philosophy of Inbecon, meaning the client is serviced from set up and maintenance to the final pour.

Look for ReverseTap in coming months at some of your favourite Canadian venues and a neighbourhood near you!