What Is ReverseTap?


ReverseTap is an innovative beer dispensing system. It is an upward dispensing system, different from the conventional downward dispensing systems. ReverseTap dispenses beer upward through the bottom of the cup, uniquely designed with a patented plastic tension and sealing technology. Dispensers, cups and glasses allow filling draft beer from the base with accurate control of volume and foam. ReverseTap cups and glasses are uniquely designed with patented sealing technology. Inbecon is the sole Canadian distributor of ReverseTap and services customers from keg to cup!

Features and benefits of Reverse Tap

1) Maximize keg yield (92% to 95%) by preventing the loss of unwanted beer foam with its control feature.
2) Automatic dosage control enhances the operator’s productivity and allows cups to be filled without the presence of the operator.
3) The dispensing time enables the operator to sell more beer to more people. It is extremely effective in a time limited venues such as stadiums or concerts.
4) The novelty of the upward dispensing concept is a powerful marketing tool to attract more customers.